Hi, I'm Anelda, owner and founder of TrentQuest.


I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur with a home based office.

As Entrepreneur and Network Marketer I soon realized the challenges of launching a successful business and have streamlined the process to create quality images for successful businesses.

I initially started off by streamlining my own companies, then helped friends and family which then lead to corporate companies.

My heart is to share my love, passion and experience of design & marketing with others.

My vision is to help small business owners that started from nothing... just like I did... build their empires without having to spend a fortune.

My mission is to see people climb the ladder to success and reach the top.

My aim is to create quality content and materials... from the smallest request... to private clients... and corporate companies... to see YOU SUCCEED!


Anelda Jonker

Owner & Founder


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+27 82 818 5739